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Exalt His Name: Understanding Music and Worship

Mondays at 6pm

“The Psalmist” draws all of life into proper perspective he reminds us to ”Magnify and Exalt the Name of the Lord, Together.” His "Oh, . . . Let Us [Magnify and Exalt}" is not a recommendation to be considered. It is an imperative to be obeyed. Four essential ingredients to this imperative deserve attention. The first three essentials are relatively easy to understand and follow. Pondering the last essential, “with me, together” may take a bit more time, and the purpose for this study course.


Old Testament Survey

Mondays at 8pm

A sweeping overview of God's working from creation through the early days of His chosen people. Studying the Old Testament is of immense value to today's reader to affirm the importance of Christian heritage and the rule of God over His creation. The Old Testament reveals a self-portrait of God, what He has done and is doing through history with His grand design to restore relationship with his creation.