Reach Commitment

Filling out your Reach re commitment card is an important step in helping Mt Zion reach our financial and community outreach goals. We've created this guide to help you fill out the card.  


Step one

The easy stuff! At the bottom of the card is your contact information, let's go ahead and fill out this information so that the church knows who is making this commitment. Please include as much information as you can.


Step 2

If you are continuing your commitment to Reach, you can skip this box and go on to step 3. If this is your first commitment to Reach, prayerfully consider your previous giving and ask God to point out any areas in your life where you can sacrifice.

This box should be filled with the TOTAL giving you expect to give over the next 12 months combined. 


STep 3

If you are continuing your Reach commitment, box 2 is the box you need to check. 

How much did you pledge last year in May of 2017? That is the amount that should go in the first dollar amount box.

Do you want to keep with that amount over the next 12 months? Then check "Confirm my Commitment..." and you're done!

If God is calling you to increase your commitment, determine the TOTAL amount you'd like to pledge over the next twelve months and place is in the box that reads "Increase my REACH commitment"