Free Meals Don't Have to End When School Ends!

SUMMER is here, and we’re serving up a NEW and WONDERFUL MENU featuring your FAVORITE MEALS for FREE!  Including:

Breakfast (9-10am);

Optional Games and other Activities (10-12pm);

Lunch (12pm – 1pm)

Available every weekday during the summer. 

Program is available for children 18 years old and younger. Includes 2 hours of fun activites between breakfast and lunch and field trips throughout the summer.

Call For Information
(570) 822-9605



Mt Zion Baptist Church
105 Hill St.
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Keystone Rescue Mission
290 Parkview Circle
Wilkes-Barre, PA

House of Judah,
225 Parrish St
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Immanuel Christan School
725 N Locust St.
Hazleton, Pa

New Covenant Church
780 S Main Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA

First Baptist Church
48 S River Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Eagle Ridge and Hilltop Apartments (Lunch only)
9 Beverly Drive
Edwardsville, PA

Sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture & the PA Dept. of Education. In accordance with federal law and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race,color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. This is an equal opportunity provider and employer.